Laura (teenangel_1_98) wrote in remnantsd,

I'm here!

Hi! My name is Laura and I've been at The Rock for a couple years now. I first began attending Sunday nights(7:15) while still attending in the morning's with my family at my then, home church. Since then I have moved from the Children's Ministry there, and have been serving in Pebbles Pathway since November at the 5:15 service. I attended Remnant pretty regularly, but not every week back when Justin was here and it was at Calvary on Thursday nights. I attended a few times before the holidays with Paul at Calbary. Since we have moved to Ruffin Rd and meet on Friday nights I have only made it once, which was the week before Good Friday. I feel that Paul really knows how to reach out to our age and those who are new to church. I don't know too many people at Remnant, but I'm sure when I get into the swing of things I'll get to know more people as I do at my 7:15 service. I need to keep reminding myself that Remnant is Friday night. :)
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