Nick (nzadrozny) wrote in remnantsd,

Roll call!

Who actually uses this community? Who goes to Remnant? I feel like it's time for a roll call. See who all's around. This is also a great place for anyone new to Remnant to introduce themselves. If you are reading this entry, you must post. Muahaha. :-)

So, some questions:
  • How long have you been going to Remnant? The Rock?
  • What are the top two things you like best about Remnant?
  • What do you want to see Remnant become?
  • How do you think the internet could best be used by the Remnant community?
Of course, add in any other questions of your own or observations or opinions as you see fit.

(By the way, I'm also the guy working on a new website for the college ministry, so it's time I really start asking questions about this "online community" stuff. Any and every bit of opinion and input you have, I need.)
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